Nutrition and Cancer – Naturopath Recommendations

(This post is out of sequence as I try to fill in the gaps in my cancer journey.)  This story begins on June 30, 2013 when I discovered a lump in my left breast. That day has changed my life forever – some ways good, some ways not so good. If you would like to read the journey about my battle with breast cancer from the beginning, click here.

If you only want to read the post right before this one, click here.

Naturopathic Recommendations to Fight Cancer

Dr. Kimberly Wilson was the first natural/holistic/alternative practitioner that I visited in order to battle my cancer naturally. During this visit, she gave me a list of things that I could do in order to fight the cancer. I will share them with you now. (Since she stressed quality of products over and over – the products featured on this page are from the exact manufacturers that she recommended.)

She recommended a “Whole Food Diet” indicating that the key dietary goals we want to achieve in order to beat cancer are to:

  • Choose foods that help your body detoxify and eliminate waste while consuming the most nutrient-dense foods possible. Aim for 35 grams of fiber daily. Supplement if necessary.
  • Reduce exposure to pesticides and herbicides by always consuming organic or wild-caught foods.
  • Eat a “rainbow” assortment of fruits and vegetables. Aim for 5-10 servings of low glycemic fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Eliminate high-calorie, low-nutrient foods such as processed foods, junk food, candy, soft drinks.
  • Reduce the intake of meat and other animal foods
  • Drink plenty of filtered water every day. Aim for 2 liters a day.


Foods to avoid entirely:

  • smoked or cured meats, and meats cooked at high temperatures or well done.
  • Sweetened or artificially sweetened soft drinks, sweetened powdered drink mixes, juice-flavored drinks, etc. No added sugars of any kind to foods.
  • Fried foods
  • Processed foods with sugar, fat, salt, refined flour, margarine or shortening.


Nutrients and Supplements:

  •  Wobenzyme 1-4 capsules three times daily. Best taken 15-20 minutes before meals. (Do not take the retail formula. Must take the professional formula.)
  • Turmeric (curcumin) 400 mg three times daily. Can be taken with enzymes before meals.
  • Freshly ground flaxseed – 4 tablespoons daily. (May substitute with Chia seeds.)
  • Green tea extract 400 mg (polyphenols) daily (this is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea)
  • BreastBlend two capsules twice daily
  • Melatonin 3 mg, 45 minutes before bedtime. Increased to 20 mg as tolerated.
  • Milk Thistle 250 mg twice daily
  • for constipation: magnesium citrate four capsules at bedtime (enough to get a daily BM)
  • use No-Salt, Nu-Salt, Mrs. Dash (eliminate sodium from the diet)
  • Castor oil pack daily. Can use essential oils with castor oil.


Drink a power shake twice daily, made with:

  • one scoop Ultra Protein Plus
  • 1 tablespoon Gaia Chia
  • 1 teaspoon C-Care (multi-element buffered vitamins C)
  • ¼ teaspoon Ther-Biotic Complete Powder
  • 1 teaspoon Modified Citrus Pectin Powder
  • one scoop MycoPhyto Complex Powder

Mix with water, hemp milk, coconut water, berries etc., as desired.


Drink a green drink, twice daily. (mix featured at the beginning of this article.)


Exercise, exercise! It will decrease your chance of recurrence and increase survival.


Control your thoughts:

  • Imagery is very helpful. Try to picture the benefit in a way you respond. Develop a positive image.
  • Some support groups are very helpful also.
  • Make statements, “I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approval of myself.”



  • Water space – drink regularly and more often than usual, especially if the chemo drug is cleared via the kidney.
  • Massage – especially after radiation or surgery to remove live in the area and prevent painful adhesions. Also acupressure or microcurrent is very helpful.
  • Skin brushing – beware, skin may be fragile from treatments, even away from the local treatment area. Pat dry, don’t rub. Suggest lotions with vitamin E, aloe, calendula or other helpful ingredients. Skin very susceptible to infection with chemo and radiation.
  • Hydrotherapy – observe standard body temperature guidelines.


Other information and recommendations gleaned from my questions:

    • Use of organic household products very important
    • Fatigue is normal
    • It will take about 1 year to fight cancer naturally, hitting it hard.
    • Follow a vegan diet with the inclusion of fish. No dairy. Treat food as a medicine. Meats other than fish allowed one time a week – must be organic.
    • Whole grains are allowed. No flour, no sugar.
    • Stevia may be used as a sweetener. Do not use agave or honey.
    • Best oil to cook with is coconut oil followed by all of oil.
    • Recommended the medicinal mushrooms (MycoPhyto Complex) over Immunocal.
  • Recommended exercise at least three times a week.


These are recommendations that were provided to me by a naturopath. Be sure to check with your doctor before following these recommendations or any others.


The bills continue to pile up as Cindy battles cancer. If you would like to make a donation to help her battle the cancer, an account has been set up at GoFundMe. Your donations are appreciated. Every dollar counts!


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