My Cancer Journey

How to fight cancer!

One Day at a Time!

“Your body has a BLUEPRINT, a SCHEMATIC of what perfect health is and it is constantly trying to achieve this perfect health for you, all that goes wrong is that you get in the way of this natural process.”

“Getting well is just a matter of stopping what you did to make yourself sick and beginning a few new programs that will encourage health.”

Dr. Richard Schulze

My Cancer Journey

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Join Cindy as she gives cancer the one-two punch!

This site has been kidnapped by a related yet totally different topic – cancer. No matter how I try to avoid it I cannot; its story demands to be told. It will not release me. It keeps me up at night. It demands my attention and allows me to concentrate on little else during the day.

I am working hard to escape but it appears that it will have its dirty little hands on me for a while. You see, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, specifically invasive ductal carcinoma. It has only been a week since I received the diagnosis, and so many thoughts have been running through my head, so many things need to be thought out and discussed, so many new things need to be explored and learned, so many habits need to be analyzed and changed, just so many things …. It really can be overwhelming.

Amazingly, with the diagnosis less than a week old, I have already found that it has brought blessings into my life. Yes, you heard me right – blessings! I would have never thought that cancer could bring goodness and blessing into my life, but it has. The outpouring of love in this difficult time has been totally amazing. Family and friends have rallied around me and my husband, Criss. I am so thankful for each and every one of them. I have been blanketed with love in this difficult time.

love saves lives

Life was going along pretty good … you know, the normal ups and downs.

But then it happened! One of the things that most women fear … breast cancer. But I plan to win this battle, and I will … with a lot of help from my friends … and with you!

It is here that I will share my story of escape … as it happens. Yes, I will escape its clutches. I will share things as I learn and discover them. I will talk openly and honestly about many different aspects of dealing with cancer as I go through this journey. I hope that it helps someone else as they find themselves going through the same things I will be experiencing.

Message Stones

Come join me as the journey begins … a journey of dreams, hope, faith and love.


Here are the articles related to my specific journey:

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Breast Cancer and No Insurance – Part One

It’s Malignant! The Diagnosis – Now What?

Battle of the Mind – Overcoming Negative Thoughts

What Next … Reality Begins to Enter the Picture … Road Blocks Ahead

Finding a Surgeon

Seeking a Second Opinion

There is a gap here … I will be working to fill in these articles.

Looking for the Positive Attitude I Had Misplaced

January 18th Doctor’s Follow-Up Visit will be here.

Good News to Report – The Lump is Gone

Moving Towards My Third Follow-up with Trepidation


The bills continue to pile up as Cindy battles cancer. If you would like to make a donation to help her battle the cancer, an account has been set up at GoFundMe. Your donations are appreciated. Every dollar counts!



My Cancer Journey — 9 Comments

  1. I’m with you and Criss through out this journey. I have prayed and recruited many others to pray, pray, pray. God bless you both!

    I love you,
    Mom (Joanne)

    • Joanne – thanks so much for coming to take care of me during my surgery. Now I just need to get some things written leading up to that point.

  2. After my diagnosis of aggressive cancer eight years ago, I was in shock for several weeks. My wife conducted a vast amount of research on cancer–we chose to not go the surgery, chemo, radiation route. Instead, we changed our diet, became vegans, and have been exceedingly thankful that we did. My body has become very alkaline vs acidic. Research indicates that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. My wife overcame lupus after having it 15 years–diagnosed lupus free by a medical doctor. Both Donna and I follow the Halleujah Diet and Lifestyle ( I know that it is very difficult to choose to go against traditional treatment–both friends and family thought we were going down the wrong road when we chose diet change as the way to fight cancer eight years ago. Countless other health problems have also disappeared–my 72-year-old body does not have any pain(s) whatsoever, and I sleep like a baby.

    • Larry, Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your amazing story. I have not run across the Halleujah Diet and I will have to check it out. So happy to hear that you and your wife are doing so well. Blessings to you.

  3. I know you will use this as an opportunity to become healthier and stronger. I don’t know who you are Cindy, but I know what it feels like to be told you have cancer. I too felt it’s grip for months. I was diagnosed with melanoma in October 2013, at the age of 27, without health insurance. I am so lucky- it only required surgery and now constant vigilance on my part. But my life is changed. Now I have taken an active and aggressive approach to improving my health through diet. Thank you for sharing your story. You’re in my prayers.

    • Kristen – I am so happy that you are cancer-free. You are right, things definitely change with a cancer diagnosis. I have been getting healthier as well, physically, spiritually and emotionally. When facing death, you look at things differently. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Blessings to you.

  4. Donna and I are so very sorry to hear about your recent finding. The thing that made my final choice to pursue a new diet eight plus years ago was the fact that 85 percent of men who have prostate surgery experience a recurrence of cancer somewhere else in the body within 10 to 15 years. I hope you have looked at information on We have a vast library of materials on cancer recovery and would be glad to loan any materials to you. You are welcome to contact me. I plan to celebrate my 73rd birthday the last day of January–retirement is great after teaching 37 years.

    • Larry – thanks so much. I will check out Not sure if I have run across it in my studies, but I will check it out. Yes, I believe that diet is very important. Thank you for sharing that statistic about prostate cancer, I did not know that one. But I think that if many people with cancer do not make changes, there will be re-occurrences. Diet and other lifestyle changes are very important. Happy birthday~ Blessings, Cindy

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