Homemade Body Care and Household Products

Making Your Own Homemade Body Care and Household Products

SONY DSCAs more and more people look for healthy and green alternatives, they are looking at the safety of the products they use in their homes as well as on their bodies. I am no exception; except that a cancer diagnosis caused me to cross the line I had been teetering on for some time and decide that it was truly important. It was no longer an option, especially since I had chosen to fight my cancer naturally. I needed to find good recipes for homemade body care and household products in order to get healthy,  build up my immune system and to successfully fight cancer.

There are many reasons that people choose to make their own body care and household cleaning products. Some reasons include:

  • Health – choosing to make your own products so you will know exactly what ingredients you are exposing yourself and your family to.
  • Saving money – many “recipes” for the “homemade” products are actually less expensive than the commercial products that can be purchased in stores.
  • Eco-friendly – making products with all-natural and “safe” ingredients is good for you and the environment.

Skin Care Recipe Tips

Many of the skin care recipes call for certain ingredients such as beeswax, certain essential oils and vitamin E. These ingredients act as natural preservatives which will prolong the shelf-life of your products – up to six months under most conditions. By storing excess amounts of the prepared product in the refrigerator, you can extend the life of the product up to three times more.

As an extra precautionary measure, you might consider using grapefruit seed extract (a powerful antibacterial agent) or vitamin E to your recipes. Eight drops of grapefruit seed extract or 400 International Units of Vitamin E per ounce or product should be used.


Homemade Household Cleaning Product Tips

When making many homemade household cleaning products, borax is often listed as an ingredient; but borax safety is a concern. Therefore, the recipes listed on this site will not include the use of borax.

Articles and Recipes

Check out the articles and recipes listed below to find an alternative that works best for you.